Friday, July 31, 2009

Rhode Island Contest

I know this is alittle late but I wanted to write it down anyways because im bored between classes

I kicked of my trip by going to the airport eirly on friday morning.The flight was good about 2 hours.When i got to Rhode Island i had Jared and Brian C. pick me up at the airport. we went back to jareds place where i noticed delta had bent my frame.using a randum frame jared had layn around we bent my frame back.put it togather and went to his spot to ride.Jared has the dopest spot in downtown to ride.but we were forced to leave by some super manly rollerderby chicks. We went back to his room where jared taught me how to break into masterlocks.latter that night the bikeflat crew showed up and we went to a pre jam at the contest area. when we got there terry,jeff d and cory festor was already going off.on like the worst floor ive to this day ever riden.after that we went back to jareds to sleep.woke up on sat and went to the contest started i rode like crap didnt even feel like riding on that 9th (again)props to the canadan guys those guys got mad style,really good riders and nice guys.simon maran took first contest started after that.wilhelm rode really good and took first.props to dave p for getting forth to.chicago riders were on point.jeff d took second pulling some wild front and back wheel links.after the contest i relized someone went in my bag and took 15 dollars from me.good thing they didnt look in my other pocket they could have had like 200.then we went back to the spot down town to ride,it started to rain but that didnt stop jeff d from tring his insne lifegard trick.for anyone that has not seen him try this your need to check it out.that night me and jared went to a unk rock house party and watched this band.then we went home to sleep.i hung with jared a few more days before getting on the bus to take me to the airport. over all the trip was fun weird but fun.thanks alot to jared and his roomate for putting me up for a few days and taking me around and stuff.and brian for getting me at the air port.


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