Friday, July 31, 2009

Cashville 2006

This past weekend I went to Nashville Tenn for a bike jam.This was my third year going to this event. I really like this event becuase its very layed back and chill. Jeff Foster, Rodney Dye and myself left Atlanta for Nashville Tenn on Friday around 3:00 the trip was okay but alittle traffic leaving Atlanta.When got a hotal outside of Nashville.The hotal was not the nicest in the world. The towels were dirty,no remote,no cable.kind of nasty over all.We ended up at Hooters to eat becuase its the only place i could go due to leaving my ID in Atlanta.but it was cool  i guess.After about 2 hours of sleep after Rodney decided to stop snoring we got up and went to the lot.
   We met up there with Ron Saey,Stephen Hearn,heyboou ben and a few other riders you know who u are.We rode all dayStephen was killing it as always.Jeff was pulling some tricks.Rodney pulled his Lincon Gold Package trick. Chris Woodling was doing hiker jugglers and blenders all over the lot.Ron still has the best  backwards hikers ive ever seen.Stephen got me motavated to work on some new stuff.After the riding was over we had to wait on Ben to hit this trick.Ben was out in his own little world for a bit.He said "5 more tries" and on the fifth try hit it. but i was looking down at the time.(would not be the only thing i missed)
    after riding we went back to Hooters this time with alot more ppl. As we were eatingi heard everyone start yelling.I looked up and this girl was putting her breast back in her i missed that too.but owell. after eatting we drove back to Atlanta. Cashville Jam is a good, fun time and I recomend it to anyother riders just wanting to get out of thier time for a bit. Check it out.see you all in the fall.


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