Friday, July 31, 2009


Thanks to the rest of the Atl crew for hitting me up about the idea of having a jam. to tell the truth in the begaining I was just going to make a flyer and I got thrown head first in to this whole thing.  thanks to all the sponcers  -Odyssey!!!  for hooking up so much product for everyone. They really went out with 4 pair of forks,bars,tires etc... thank you so much all of it went to very deserving riders. for hooking us up with music. -Pat at  I call him eilry and he was down from day one.  -Bobby at Diversion the videos went to ppl that didnt have them and im sure they are loving them and mitch for hooking that up. - Dane Beardsley he brought videos for ppl that showed with out even being asked also posting the flyer on your blog. -Rad dad thanks for everthing its always good seeing you. -all the riders who made the long trip esp from Canada it was great seeing all of you there. - Aaron Frost for riding non stop as always with very dope tricks. (im still going to bite that halfpacker switch) - Ron at sulfer blitz for the shirts and coming out. - Terry Adams for sending his dvd for every one to Enjoy its a great video all around.thanks so much. -fl guys for riding so hard and helping with the water.   To anyone I may be forgetting Im sorry I had a long weekend and I just  got out of court so plz forgive.  I'll have pictures up soon for everyone . Its been a alot of work and im so glad it turned out good and ppl got to come to ATL and enjoy this beautiful crazy city                                                  *****COVERAGE******   Check out all the videos and links at Thanks again and see you all next year


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