Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Welcome to Inman park

This was a pretty large project I completed last week.I was hooked up with the job by Ryan "oh snap kid" Purcell. I Spent about 6 days working on the wall for Bo Bradshaw and Inman park. The wall was painted to put in place a welcome for people coming from the soon to be finished Belt Line project. Had a great time painting the wall with a few small issues such as a moron jumping up on the curb and hitting a 5 gallon bucket of black paint splattering it all over the road and sidewalk. Another problem was the windy conditions of the last 2 days of painting. Right as I started to do the lettering the wind was really high. Working with just spray paint standing on top of a ladder this ended up being pretty hard to complete. Just as I would start a line I would have to stop and wait on the wind to stop then restart my line where I stopped it. Keeping the letters clean was a pretty difficult task esp because I used no guilds, tape, projector,etc... The wall is finished just in time for the Inman Park Festival which will take place in about a week. Hope every one enjoys the wall.
I would like to give a big thanks to King of Pops, Melrose & Maqueen , The cleaning ladies up stairs, and everyone in Inman Park that stopped by and talked to me. Also, Choua Thao for helpping fill in some of the cracks (even though she played some zoo game on her phone more then helping) Bo and his wife as well for letting me do the project.


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