Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks netflix for wasting my night...

Okay I've had some issues with this company (rate increase/ name changing/lack of good movies) but nothing compared to what I went through tonight.
While looking through the movies I come across "blown away" after looking into it I see that it stars tommy lee jones and jeff bridges. First thing I think is "the dude" and "two face" in the same movie??? After reading its about a guy tring to blow up another guy, revenge, thriller type movie. got to be great right?

About half way through the movie I stopped it and made sure I didn't click on the wrong movie because I haven't seen any tommy lee jones or jeff bridges. I see I clicked on the right one and restart the movie. I watch this whole movie not stopping it again, I finish the movie after a bit of reserch I realize what I watched wasn't "blown away" the revenge thriller staring the "creator of tron" or "1/2 the men in black" that came out in 1994. It turned out to be this

1993 hit "blown away". Staring the greatest actors of our time...... you guessed it......the lost boys themselves,corey haim and corey feldman. A serious drama about love, friendship, and a dad angry corey haim hooked up with his daughter. A terrible movie I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.
Netflix please fix this error before someone else is effected by this terrible mistake. Thanks for wasting another night for me. I'm going to watch "thankskilling" now for the holiday. A movie about a killer talking turkey on the lose. I'm sure it will be better then "blown away".


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