Tuesday, January 25, 2011

blinds top 9 (forgien films)

I've been on bed rest for about 3 months now and in that time I've seen A LOT of movies. Latly I've been on a foreign kick so I figured id post up some good foreign stuff I've seen. Most are on net flicks instant...

Not in my top 9 but worth watching.....
Let the right one in,Old boy,Ichie the killer,ringu, the motorcycle daires, and Run lola run.

Top 9..........
9.Ong bak 1 and 2. Thai fighting flicks if u haven't seen them by now check them out
8.Sin nombre. Spanish movie about a guy on the run from ms 13
7.The stoning of sortya. Crazy movie about a husban framing his wife
6.The north face. German movie about everst. I like anything about everst
5. Thirst. Korean vampire movie. Pretty long good movie. Twlight should take a lesson from it.
4. City of god. About a kid dealing with the problems of life in the slums of rio
3.the host. Asian monster movie.
2.the girl that played with fire. Swedish murder mistery. 1. The chaser. Violent true story of a killer in south korea.a ex detective turned pimp uses his skills to track down the reason why his girls are going missing.

Just some things to check out if u haven't seen I think they are all worth watching if u don't mind reading.
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