Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Detroit Rock City

Last week I took a trip to Detroit to see the Gorillaz for my bday with Choua. Detroit is a Interesting place. The view from Canada is pretty glass buildings and a walk way beside the river. But on the other side of that...lol Is a whole other story. I spent most the time in Sterlling Heights which is a pretty nice part of the city though. The Gorillaz was prob the best show Ive ever seen. The intro featured Snoop Dogg which was a nice surprise. "Dare" was prob the best song that was played, when it came on Everyone in the Fox was dancing around. greats times. They remixed Clent Eastwood taking Del out of the track which I wasnt thrilled about but it still wasnt bad. They played live with out hiding there face behind screens or mask I guess they figured everyone know who they are now so why not...
N.E.RD. opened and was ok but Gorillaz was just amazing.Fun trip but way to short.


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