Monday, September 6, 2010

Pancakes & Booze Art Show

The Pancakes & Booze Art Show took place this past weekend at the Goat Farm in Atlanta. It was thrown by Tom Kirlin a Camera Man and Film maker from California. While reading about his other shows and seeing the response from everyone online I knew this event was going to be a lot of fun and pretty big. We went by the day before to hang our art work and I was amazed to see the place it was being held. The Goat farm is what appears to be an old factory of some sorts with many different rooms and broken brick. When the event came I couldn't believe how much great art was there. Tons of local artist and a few from out of town filled the walls with there work. Me and Tom Grant took a spot in the front of the place near the door to come in. There was live body art, dj playing music which appeared to be gear towards out art, having a old video game fill to it, and tons of great people. The whole event had a good vibe to it. I met a lot of really nice people and cool artist. Good times In all. Here are a few photos. If interested in seeing the rest see my flickr account


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