Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

April Fools day turned out to be another great day in ATL. The weather was great and the day was filed with riding. I wanted to get up with some street riders I know and chill during the first part of the day, then ride flatland that afternoon/night. I woke up cut grass then off to ride with Loftn Mitchell and some of his friends. We hit a few spots and met a cool lady at this fitness studio. She came out and asked if we could stop riding on her wall then said she was joking and to have fun. We stayed at that spot for a while then went to the park to meet up with Ganji tribe. after riding at the park we all went to 17th street and rode the rest of the night. Great riding from everyone and a great day. Here is a little video from what I got that day.


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