Sunday, January 24, 2010


There so much I could write about my trip here and so many pictures I could post. This trip was amazing. Filed with cool people, fun things to do, interesting places to go, etc... I don't believe there is anything I could really say that would do Thailand justice. Its just one of those things you need to go see for yourself. The people were all really cool and nice. 
  Highlights for the trip would be the floating market for sure. Its an outdoor market filled with shops and people on boats selling food,clothing,whatever really. The venders were not pushy like at Patpong or other places I went. Every one was just really laid back and cool. Best way I can think to describe it is Thai culture over load. I've never seen anything like it. 
  Also Thai Tea was another great thing about the trip. I ended up drinking it about every day sometimes two or three times a day. The stuff is like crack to me. SOOOOOOO good. I have to go by asian square here in Atlanta and get some soon. Loved that stuff.
  I did a lot of fun things like riding Elephants in Kanchanaburi, Visit to the Grand Palace, feeding a tiger that almost fed on me. Hanging out with local bike riders, going to the beach/club with Nat and her friends, seeing old city of Ayutthaya, shopping and eating.
 Bangkok seems like the true city that never sleeps, filed with crowded streets, malls, Tuk Tuks (crazy 3 wheel taxi) and huge markets. Shopping is very popular and there is plenty of places with great prices to do it. Pictures of the king are everywhere and Beautiful Temples are extremely common. There is plenty of fun things to do and you can take a picture that you will be happy with in almost any direction.  Here are a few of my Fav Vertical shots I got from my trip to Bangkok. To see complete pictures go to my Flickr link on the right.
Special Thanks goes to:
Nat: Without her the trip wouldn't have been half the fun. You saved me from getting ripped off, showed me around, introduced  me to some great people, was so much help getting around and I want you to know that i'm very thankful to have a friend like you. Thanks a ton I cant stress it enough how greatful I am.
Stacey & Sharpshooter Imaging: Thanks for funding my trip and letting me take the time off to travel and see places. Thanks a ton.
Qp,Honey,Aim,May, and the rest of Nat's friends: Thanks for kicking it with me and taking me out and around. Though I didn't understand most of what was said the things I could understand was nice. You all have great vibes to you and I really did have a great time meeting you all.  Hope to talk online or see you again some day. I still have to return to Thailand again to see the Tiger Temple and Phuket so maybe i'll be back sooner than later.


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