Thursday, November 19, 2009


The jam again this year went down at Coan Middle School.It was hard to work on the jam from Philly but with the help of everyone we made it happen. The jam got started about 12:00 and went till dark. Riders came from GA,FL,SC,NC,TENN,NY,Canada and more. Isaiah and Brain Huffman rode hard all day as always, both bringing new tricks out. All the Canada guys rode hard from the moment I arrived till the last trick went down. We got a lot of great products from Oddseey, The Atlanta Bench,Ganji, Sulfer Blitz,Dane Beardsly, and Pat at Rodney's wife cooked up some hotdogs for everyone and the weather could not have been better. Around 71 degrees in mid Nov. is great. Special thanks to John Dowker at the Freestyle Connection, with out him there wouldn't be a jam. 
 The after party was almost as epic as the event itself. Everyone went to MJQ for sloppy seconds. It was a lot of fun getting crazy with all the Parlex guys from Cananda. They all party pretty hard. Thanks to Caleb for throwing a great party. everyone had a blast.
  Everyone worked really hard to make this jam happen again and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year. here are a few pics from the jam. To see more see my flickr account link on the right.


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