Monday, August 3, 2009

Voodoo Jam

Well i got back yesterday from another trip to New Orleans. This time me and Roman made the trip. The drive was good. We spent most the time watching movies on his Iphone with worked out pretty good. Made a quick stop in Mobile to pick up Stephen Hearn and Ben.I crashed out the first night so I would be well rested for the next day.The next day I got up and went to watch the Ams  ride. frenchy killed it in his first run hitting most his tricks so I was amped on that. He ended up getting 4th which at this contest is really good.Issah  Jordan from NC ended up winning the AM contest which is cool because he's a cool dude. I watched most the pros ride before going to grab a bite to eat. I walked by myself through New Orleans looking for something to eat, not wanting to eat same old subway or anything like that I went to this place called river walk which is like a long strip mall beside the river. I found a spot that had crawfish sushi which was great. Just outside river walk I saw a huge mural by one of my fav artist wyland. He does these huge ocean murals that take up the whole sides of buildings. Ive seen his work in ATL,Myrtal beach and now New Orleans.  I went back to the club to watch the finals that night. The riding was amazing. even better than last year. Had a blast even had a little break circle for a bit with the guys from TX. Hector still got them windmills! 
the final standings was:
1st:Matthias Dandois (France)
2:Yohei Uchino (Japan)
3:Terry Adams (USA)
4:Viki Gomez  (Spain)

I really enjoyed seeing all my friends from all over and was amped to meet Viki Gomez. I love French eletrco so i chatted with Matthias about music for a while. A big thanks to Scott and Terry for throwing another great event. Ive been to all the Voodoo Jams and dont plan on missing one.  Great contest see you all next year.


ortho said...

Wow, great photos Chris!!! I had the best time on this trip!

blind said...

thanks homie. we will do it again soon.

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