Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Whip

So here is the new ride. It "A Bad Thing" 19 in slim fit. I had a chance to ride Matthias' bike at Voodoo Jam in New Orleans  and after talking to him a bit I wanted to try out this bike so I picked one up.
    I just came in from the first day of riding it and I dig it so far. I decided to try out a 19 inch which is a big switch from my delta. So far the length is ok I haven't had any major issues as far as picking back up tricks. Although I haven't had a break on so I haven't tried all my tricks on it so far. The small design of the frame feels good with any trick where I have to jump through the frame or switch from one side to the other. The back end is really responsive which I like. I don't do a lot of back wheel tricks but the ones I do feels good. The weight is Very light at a little over 3 lbs for the frame. 
 Down sides so far: The only down sides to the frame ive come across so far is if u don't have the right gearing/spacing your chain is going scrub your frame. Mine is scrubbing just a little now but I think it will be ok.  
  This frame is made for flatland pretty much only. If you down a lot of long distance riding this frame is probably not for you. I had to ride it to work today to drop of something and the high bottom bracket kind of sucked for riding a long ways. Im thinking I may get use to this after a while though. Also I had to cut my fork down a bit because the size of the head tube. Im planning on getting some taller bars so I wont be bent over and save my back.
  I had the hardest time getting this bike together for some reason. Me and Roman Wilson worked on it a bit and I broke a tube cutter and chain tool in the process of putting it together. While painting it I dropped it and bent the top cup where the head set goes in But luckily it bent back with out to much force. So its all good now.  Ready to learn some new tricks on it!


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